Betterflies does not intend to sell any data to a third party and seriously acts to preserve all condidentiality to usage data. 

When personal information is gathered through forms, according to latest laws, the user can of course ask for data modification and clearance. Any user who wants to modify his data must send a message via the contact form. 

We inform our users that the platform we use to create this website may use some necessary cookies. In order to get usage statistics about the site, and improve our customer experience, some other cookies may be automatically inserted. These cookies can't be used to identify users but may provide information about navigation through the website. To obtain these statistics, we disabled Google Analytics completely and put in place Matomo, much more privacy respectful. 

We don't use a consent banner because we are compatible with the CNIL recommendation regarding the use of cookies. We proceeded with all necessary steps presented in this document. The cookie we use to track our audience does not require any authorization as cookies are not propagated, Matomo is installed on our servers and our instance is private. Finally, IP addesses and anonymized, We also give you here the possibility to completely opt-out from Matomo as well, if you wish to do so. If so, please do it bellow: