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Product Marketing Plarform, the only platform designed for Product Marketing Professionals!

Tired of searching your product data scattered in various Excel files, Powerpoint and Word documents?
Frustrated with the lack of accuracy of your marketing and sales documents?

Finally, a platform dedicated to product marketing professionals that trully empowers your efforts!

Product Marketing Platform

Product Marketing Platform - See how it all works


Store and keep your product information in one place

Store your product information in one unique place called a repository. Don't waste your time looking for where your information was used or in which document the reference is, in case of conflicting sources or needed update!

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Use pre-defined templates to generate marketing documents automatically

Manage the content of your documents independently from the design. Concentrate your efforts where you excel at: creating the right content!

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Follow a real validation process and keep track of changes!

Access all your changes and use a real workflow to validate final changes if necessary

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"One button" to update all your document!

All your data is inter connected and linked to your document templates. Just press a button after you are done with your modifications in the repository and then get the final updated version of your documents!

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Product Marketing Platform is the platform to store all your product information and make the best use of it!

Empower your team collaboration!

For the best customer

Keep your sales and marketing documents updated

Provide sales the right documents to sell your products or solutions. Have all product/solution information in one single place and apply changes directly on documents.

Don’t reinvent the wheel

Keep all your current and previous messages, descriptions or speeches at hand. Don’t waste time to search for this information or reinvent what was done already in a quite similar way.

Enforce the consistency of your messages

Keep consistent messages for your product benefits or value propositions, whether you produce a document or a web page. Make your customers believe and adopt your messages.

Limit the number of emails you receive every day!

Use a real workflow to share and validate product data or documents and avoid many unnecessary emails. Keep your data and documents updated. Prevent sales to send you more emails just to question the relevance of your material.

Give more autonomy to your teams

Keep your messages lean and consistent, all stored in one central system (repository). The marketing communication team is now empowered to use this information and update web pages or documents without depending on the product marketing expertise, especially if products or solutions are very technical or complex. Sales also rely on accurate information and feel more empowered. They also can access relevant information only instead of searching through all product literature for one tiny detail.

Prevent bottlenecks and make better use of your expertise

Keeping your information lean and centered in one repository reduce the dependency of third parts that require this information, like sales, partners, pre-sales or communications. Ensuring that all documents get updated in a much easier and better way will also limit the number of avoidable email exchanges. All employees can use most of their time on their domain of expertise. No bottleneck!

Product Marketing Platform

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